• tab_bio“Certain opportunities that I’ve encountered on my way have arisen quite by chance. But my success is fundamentally built on diligence and two decades of passionate work. Nowadays, my compositions are performed the world over, in even the remotest places, which I still find hard to take in. This website is dedicated to all the friends of my music worldwide”

    (Otto M. Schwarz)

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  • tab_windAs a young musician, Otto M. Schwarz actually wanted nothing more to do with wind music: he was busy with pop music and with his studies at the Vienna Academy of Music. The music seemed too conservative to him, and saw no future for himself in this genre. However, when he was given the task of directing an orchestra, he had to start getting to grips with appropriate material. So it was that he began familiarising himself with some of the symphonic compositions of those who are now his colleagues, which inspired him. He set out to win over young people to this music and at the same time to confront the traditional brass band establishment and so, in 1995, he began to compose in this genre. There’s a story behind most of his pieces, which he tells us in his own language. If you browse the tracks in the playlists, you’ll come across these stories together with audio examples and information on sheet music.

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  • tab_filmFilm music represents a particular challenge for any composer, with specific demands—of which audiences are mostly unaware. Whether underscoring, mood or montage, Otto M. Schwarz masters them all equally. However, in using leitmotifs, he best expresses himself musically. In these pieces, his fans recognise his signature—which is why they are played again and again as a soundtrack and why they find their way into orchestral programs. The playlist on this website contains audio for every production of recent years. Audio for some early works is not shown for legal reasons or because it no longer exists at an acceptable quality.

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