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Over 100 years ago, pioneering campaigners promoted the establishment of protected nature reserves in Europe, along the lines of the national parks that had already been established in america. This first vision of the founding of a national park through the purchase of land celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2013. The purchases were made in the Eastern alps in austria with the aim of establishing the high Tauern National Park. The prevention of the canalisation of the famous krimml waterfalls is just one of the many achievements in this, the largest reserve in the alps, which also include the reintroduction of the bearded vulture, the golden eagle, ibex and deer. Researchers have discovered unspoilt ecosystems here. Each year the park hosts special ‘project weeks’ for the benefit of some 25,000 students, making the park the largest classroom in austria.

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The management of the park are concerned not only with the preservation of the landscape in its original form, but also with the maintenance of alpine grazing with domestic breeds of livestock. Mountains millions of years old, thousand-year-old glaciers and a centuries-old history of culture and settlement are the cornerstones of today’s high Tauern National Park. Conflicts between environmental concerns and the production of energy emerge. sober reality often sweeps mere visions away. in high Tauern, environmental protection wins. Usa, 1872: Yellowstone National Park is founded as the world’s first national park. Other renowned nature reserves are established according to this original model: Serengeti National Park, Krüger National Park, Mount Everest National Park, and many others. In 1913, the first areas in High Tauern are bought. The aim is to create a protected area to represent the high mountains in the whole of Europe. On the mountain pasture: a typical setting with views of over 3000 metres, million-year-old mountains and glaciers that go back millennia. The view takes in meadows, animals and mountain streams. A fight between young ibex: here we really see the wilderness. All this is in the high Tauern National Park. In 2006, the park is included in the United Nations list of National Parks.


Watch this video on YouTube.

Watch this video on YouTube.