Year: 2021 | Grade: 4




Condert Band


In 2013 the short film 1805 A Town’s Tale was released, produced by Refos Film, with music by Otto M. Schwarz. A fateful autumn day in the year 1805: the morning mists hang heavy over the sprawling field near Dürnstein. The captain’s tent and some smaller tents are seemingly lifeless in their deep slumber. In dawn’s half-light, the fires now only steam and barely glow. A figure sneaks past the main tent. This is Phillipe, a soldier of Napoleon’s troops, leaving the camp early to warn Mina, his lover, and the other inhabitants of the town of Krems of the planned raid … The Symphonic Suite is a compilation of various main themes from the soundtrack. In addition to this version, there is also a larger edition in which the orchestra can play ‘live’ to the film with a click track.