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The river Maas and the town of Ohé en Laak in the Dutch province of Limburg are inextricably linked with one another. Hundreds of years have passed with wars and other dramatic events, people have come and gone, and there have been good and bad times.
The Maas has been witness to many things—including this true story:

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It was in the 1630s that Josina Walburgis von Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rochefort was forced by her father to enter the Thorn convent. However, when she met Count Herman Frederik Hendrik van den Bergh it was love at first sight, and the two were secretly married. The bride was destined to become the high abbess of the convent, but when it was revealed that she was married, her father fetched her back to Rochefort and kept her under lock and key. Eventually, through a ruse, and with the help of her husband Herman, four years later she managed to flee. As a token of his love, the count had a castle built, where they both spent their summers. In 1669, the count died, followed on Christmas eve 1683 by Josina. You can still visit the tomb in Maastricht today.


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