Year: 2008 | Grade: 4


Concert Band

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Absolute Crossover was written on commission of the Austrian Music Society TK-Molzbichl (a concert band), and the Schülerbigband Spittal (a big band of school pupils). It was requested that the composer would create a work that on the one band would emphasize the unique characteristics of both band types, but on the other hand would allow a common performance. The composition is made up of three themes, which feature all the facets of the instrumentation of a concert band as well as that of a big band. The concert band is done justice in the symphonic passages that are reminiscent of film music, while the big band is accommodated in the rock segments and the slow swing parts. The musical journey travels along practically all styles, ending with an impressive tutti, in which the shuffle rhythm of the big band melts together with the grand, film-music-related 12/8 time signature of the concert band.