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It was midwinter, and the lumberjacks in the French speaking part of Canada suffered from loneliness. At this point, the remote forest areas could only be reached by river in a canoe. This meant that they had to leave their homes in autumn, returning only after the thaw in spring. The winter nights were long and lonely—many of them longed for their families. At Christmas it was especially hard to cope. On New Year’s Eve, the camp’s chef suddenly suggested using the “Chasse Galerie”, a flying canoe steered by the devil that would take them home for this one night. They could not wear nor touch any religious symbols, and must be back before the break of dawn, or else they would lose their souls to the devil.

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The men were frightened, but their longing was so great that they intoned the magic spelL The boat immediately took off and at the speed of light flew over mountains, valleys, forests and rivers. After a short while they saw the lights of their home village, where a New Year’s party was already in full swing. They were all happy, but cautious lest they miss the departure. The chef was completely drunk and so it was that on the return flight they lost control of the canoe and it crashed into a tree, throwing them all to the ground. Luckily, the snow on the ground was so thick that there were no serious injuries, and since they were now not far from camp they were able to make their way, tired and in bad shape, but on time. Having had a lucky escape, they swore solemnly that they would never do it again.


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