Year: 2023 | Grade: 4


Ensemble Woodwind


Crossover Suite No. 1 comprises five stylistically very diverse movements. 1. INTRODUCTION: A brisk opening leads to a bass groove on baritone saxophone. Various animated stylistic elements such as finger snaps are contrasted with ‘straighter’ elements familiar from march music. 2. VIENNESE WALTZ: A waltz in a minor key, with the characteristic and unmistakable accompaniment in the Viennese style. 3. ROUNDABOUT: Roundabout is a rondo with recurring motifs and a point of rest in the adagio. 4. STOMPS AND CLAPS: As the name suggests, the work is performed with the help of hands and feet. Body percussion alternates with technically demanding passages. 5. FINALE: A rapid final movement with a dolce middle part leads to a furious closing section with changes of meter and some dynamic surprises. Each movement can also stand on its own, but when performed as a complete suite this composition shows off the full breadth and capability of a saxophone quartet.