Year: 2023 | Grade: 4


Concert Band


What are the true qualities of a person? Outward beauty or inner values? Or perhaps a balance of the two? This question has probably been posed by everyone at some time or another, and the answer is as challenging as it is subjective. This is also the theme of this work. The poet and soldier Cyrano de Bergerac is known for his big nose and his great intellect. The 17th century novelist harbours feelings for the beautiful Roxane but is sure that this love will never be reciprocated. Roxane herself falls in love with the cadet Christian de Neuvillette, who is certainly handsome but could be described as stupid. Cyrano de Bergerac writes love poems on behalf of Christian to win Roxane’s heart. And then there is the Count Guiche, who is married but also wants to make her is mistress. Christian and Roxane eventually marry and the furious Count Guiche sends Christian and Cyrano, who serve together in the Captains of Gascony regiment, to the front and, some months later, on a suicide mission. Shortly before the battle, Roxane confesses to her husband that she no longer loves him so much for his beauty as for his inner values. Christian is dismayed and begs Cyrano to tell Roxane the truth, but he can’t bring himself to do so. Christian de Neuvillette dies in battle and Cyrano de Bergerac remains silent about the true provenance of the letters. Only much later does the truth come to light: scarred by the war, Cyrano visits Roxane in the convent where she has been living since Christian’s death and confesses his love for her. He ultimately dies in Roxane’s arms.