Year: 1995 | Grade: 4


Concert Band

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To mankind, a turn of the century stands for the dawning of a new era. ln the work Millennium, the past, as well as the future are portrayed. The beginning takes us to prehistoric ages when things developed over long periods of time. With the coming into existence of mankind and human civilization, things developed faster and faster. The middle movement (with an oboe solo) represents the beauty of the world, the love of the people who live there, and the richness of diversity. However, time does not stand still and new challenges lie ahead: we must go on. Just like time does not stand still, the wind music has to further develop as well, and not be upheld by a misplaced sense of tradition. Of course traditions are part of life and we do need to maintain them, but we also live in the present. The future is ahead of us, and perhaps the work Millennium will enthuse musicians for modern symphonic wind music.