Jahr: 2011 | Grad: 3 – 4


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Details (EN) Spécifications (FR) Specifiche (IT) Specificaties (NL)


This work marks yet another addition to Otto M. Schwarz’s catalogue of solo repertoire. For the flugel horn in particular, the extent of solo repertoire in a popular style is rather limited. When Otto M. Schwarz received a commission from Thomas Beiganz (flugel horn player with the Brass Band Oberösterreich) to write a piece for his band, it was very obvious to the composer in which direction this new composition should go. Groovy accents create an exciting contrast to the more flowing, lucid musical elements, where it was of paramount importance to the composer to stay within the instrument’s ideal range. Simple improvisations complement the piece, which contains a catchy tune that will stay with anyone who plays or listens to the work.