Year: 2022, 2023 | Grade: 4


Concert Band Fanfare Brass Band


Zeitgeist; transformations; a departure for new shores… these are buzzwords we often encounter nowadays. Above all in this digital age, it is essential that we face changes positively and that we make the very best of them. “Music is emotion!” Otto M. Schwarz begins many of his lectures with this phrase, and this is exactly what we feel in this new concert work. Rapid, and full of energy, is the leap into a new chapter—wonderful opportunities are waiting to be discovered in uncharted lands. But change is not only loud and momentous. The creative power of the future lies dormant in the inventive spirit of the individual—quietly, thoughtfully, silently and alone! The final sequence of this work is all about good vibes: it lights the way to a positive future and stands for the dawn of a new era!