Year: 2010 | Grade: 4


Concert Band

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In the beginning there was nothing. Darkness was everywhere, total silence. No light. No growth. No life. Nothing. Suddenly a tremendous crack is heard, shattering the delicate silence. It fills the void with noise. Chaos is everywhere: fire, menacing flames, and glowing celestial bodies race around and collide. Genesis has arrived, the creation of the Earth. All life to be on this planet is supported by the biggest flame of them all, the Sun. Life begins to form in the water, and finally on land as well. The planet enjoys a quiet interlude during which it can rest, a moment of peace and quiet before the storm renews. Only the steady pulsing of the ocean can be heard. But before long, another furious snap breaks the calm. This time it is volcanoes erupting, creating huge mountains over millions of years that reach up high out of the oceans. The lava radiates heat and light into the night, before the cold water can freeze it in place, gradually turning it into rich, fruitful soil.

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The oceans slowly recede. Tropical forests flourish and cover the vast valleys created by the volcanoes and oceans. Hot geysers spew from open- ings in the ground all over the place. Prehistoric animals meander through the dense foliage. Humans do not exist yet, but nature is making everything they will need.

The “Nation on the Border” experiences a seemingly endless cycle of war, reconstruction, poverty, and hunger. Humility and a strong faith, as well as an intuitive sense of how to deal with hardship are both inspirational and challenging at the same time, helping humans to grow. They become well-versed in the art of living and surviving, and learn to cooperate with the rhythm the seasons bring with them, rather than con- tinually attempting to beat Nature. After being long ignored and shunned by everyone, the attitude towards the region, the “Nation on the Border” slowly begins to change. Hope starts to spring up and the region is faced with an exciting future. The “Nation on the Border” transforms and becomes the “Steirisches Vulkan- land” (Styrian Volcano land).

The “Styrian Volcano land” gleams in new splendour and is respected and enjoyed by its indigenous people and visitors alike. Inspirational and innovative are two words it proudly carries into the new millennium. The volcanoes once again stand at the centre of attention. Their impact on the beauty and uniqueness of the region is unparalleled. The fire and chaos of yesterday have given way to high spirits. Foreigners are also touched and infected by the positive vibes and want to keep coming back. Big celebrities, regional products from “transparent” factories with high standards, and the natural beauty of the area have generated much pride for the local inhabitants.

The region is in a phase of continual change and evolution. The people respect and protect their surroundings and have laid a solid foundation for the future. Prosperity and general welfare lead the way, but it is also equally important to separate the essentials from non-essentials in an increasingly global civilization. Styrian Volcano land – a vibrant region.