Year: 2010 | Grade: 4


Concert Band

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The southern German city of Kehl was first mentioned in documents in 1038 and has belonged to Germany since 1697. Its history has been shaped by its proximity to the Rhine. The bridge connecting the two sides of the river (Germany on one side, France on the other) has been of paramount importance to Kehl’s growth and development over the years. Even though it was destroyed many times during the wars in the 18th and 19th centuries, it was always rebuilt. This vital connection was again damaged and eventually destroyed during World War II.
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But bridges have the power to unite people, who love each other, even during the most turbulent times. Since then three bridges have been built connecting Kehl with the French city of Strasbourg, which lies just on the other side of the Rhine: a road bridge, a rail bridge, and a pedestrian bridge, built in 2004 and dedicated on the occasion of a cross-border horticultural exhibition. Enemies have got to be friends today.