Year: 2008 | Grade: 3


Concert Band

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Rumour has it that there is a vein of gold running from underneath the Fisserjoch (a pass near the village of Fiss in the Tyrol) down to the village of Ried at the foot of the mountain. No one has ever seen it, but there, at the base of the climb, on the banks of the river Inn, gold has been found. An old legend has it that the biggest treasure in the whole of Tyrol is inside this mountain; it is said that a giant golden man is standing within the mountain itself, his feet in Ried and his head at the Fisserjoch. One evening, a mysterious glow was seen up in the mountains, but by morning it had gone. Many an adventurer believed he could find the gold, and so tunnelled into the rock. But nobody has ever found the treasure – it is buried far too deep in the mountain.