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Anne Frank was a German Jewish girl who became a victim of the Nazi genocide at the age of 15. In 1934, after Hitler had seized power, she fled Germany with her family to Holland and after the German troops invaded she went into hiding in a concealed house in Amsterdam. This is where she began the diary that to this day serves as a historic document of the time. On the 4th August 1944 the hiding place was given away: the whole family was arrested and a month later deported to Auschwitz. In March 1945 Anne Frank died of typhus in Bergen-Belsen.

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For the composer it was a mammoth task to come to drips with the life of Anne Frank. He has two daughters of the same age and his father was born the same year as Anne Frank. It’s important that we never forget how politics and race hate infiltrated the life of an innocent girl. In an era in which in some quarters the very existence of camps of mass destruction are denied, the old idols are worshipped and racism is on the rise again, there can never be too many commemorative works. Anne Frank was a girl just like any other in her time, with all the worries, fears, dreams and wishes. She had to perish, because she belonged to another race and didn’t fit into the system.