Year: 2010 | Grade: 4


Concert Band

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Once upon a time, two brothers lived in the austrian town of Peuerbach. One of the brothers was very handsome; the other deformed. The hunchback was engaged to be married, but travelled into the world to collect some debts before the wedding was to take place. When he did not return after two years, the handsome brother asked for the fiancée’s hand in marriage. But one day the hunchback returned. A horrible fight ensued and the hunchback killed his brother. For committing fratricide, he was sentenced to the gallows. Before his sentence was carried out, he swore he knew of a spring that would end the local drought, and in return for this knowledge he was pardoned. The Verdict was commissioned by the MV Peuerbach (Upper austria) and its conductor, Norbert Hebertinger, to celebrate the organization’s 140th anniversary.


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