Year: 2006| Grade: 3


Concert Band

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The Football (or Soccer) World Cup is a global event that – just like the Olympic Games – only takes place every four years and that is preceded by a number of qualifying rounds. In the actual event, the final tournament, only the best of the world meet. It is a special honor and responsibility to be the host of the final tournament. In a hospitable atmosphere, the focus is on sports within a peaceable competition. These elements are combined in Welcome Overture. It begins with fanfare-like trumpets, signaling the opening of the tournament. The following cantabile passage decipts the arrival of the teams from all corners of the world.

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Now, the tournament can start! The slow andante draws a sketch of a player´s dream, while the tournament takes its course. The music takes the listener to the center of a crowd in the stands of the stadium where the final match is just beginning. Finally, the trumpets and the monumental close bear witness to the great joy of the winning team, and the end of the tournament. Welcome Overture musically expresses hospitaltity and warmth towards all people, regardless of color or race.